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We Have Streamline marketing to reach your target audience, While setting your company up strategically to promote your Brand, Company or Service.

We design, develop and market websites online, to conquer social media, and search engine results.

Search Engines such as GOOGLE are now moving towards a "Mobile" Index in 2018 and beyond!

Website Development

Creating a website that speaks to your targeted audience is the best way to convert visits into sales. Website that load fast rank higher!

Website Design

We create a beautiful, functional site that speaks to your clients. From scratch. Since we are the developers as well as the designers we understand what needs to get done.


Increase revenue by bringing your business online. Offer and sell your products directly on your site. We can also help you get started on Amazon,Ebay, Etsy and Shopify!

Rank Higher

With the best SEO practices, your site will show at the top of search engines results. Mobile Index is at the top for 2018! Responsive Website Design from the ground up.


Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Content Creation

From original and data oriented blog posts to social profiles and product descriptions. Our Streamline marketing process allows us to stay on track and meet our deadlines.

Increased Visibility

Get people talking about you. Implement marketing campaigns. We stratically place your bussiness in front of your protential clients.

Audits & Maintance

A strategy can always be improved. With our Streamline marketing process we have systems to track your R.O.I

Social Media

What a better place to connect with your audience and give a great name to your brand?

Community Mngmt

Keeping customers happy and engaged with your brand. Let us be your reputation managers online and off. Let 412 Media design do it for you.


Reaching potential customers the right way.Offline marketing is just as important when it comes to brand awareness let us help you get know locally.

Customer Support

Making sure that all queries and doubts are handled. Let us take care of your online presence and act as the middle man, With daily reports.

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Try our Website Design service, We will design up-to 3 pages for a Local Pittsburgh Business, Must be local!


Try Our Website SEO Service, with Weekly reporting!


ADA or the American Disabilities Act consists of three different levels of requirement to meet before you are considered compliant and are outlined in the WCAG 2.0.


Just imagine this for a moment: It’s a late Friday after noon and a compliance officer walks into your office and hands you a letter, you’re a bit confused but notice the header on the letter is from a law firm. This law firm just goes around looking for websites that are NON-ADA COMPLIANT and sends them these letters.

Static HTML CSS & JavaScript Vs WordPress | What’s the right choice for your business website?

So, you’re ready to launch your business online but not sure how to get started? Recently during an event I was attending, A potential customer asked, is their any advantages to using WordPess over traditional Html website, or maybe a developer is trying to convince you that a Html website design and development is the better option for your business.

You’ve landed at the right place, in this article I will discuss what’s the right option for your business a Html Website design or a WordPress Website, we will compare Wordpress to HTML and see what’s the best fit for your business.


Let’s put all those “Near Me” searches to use for your local business and drive more traffic to your Website.

Many people ask, “is your business near me” in Google and other search engines. This is like asking the nearest person where to buy whatever they want. Google can index your Website based on location and with Schema.org markup when people ask is your business near me search engines can say yes, it is.

Getting found in these more localized searches can drive new traffic to your website, services or products.