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Let’s put all those “Near Me” searches to use for your local business and drive more traffic to your Website.


Many people ask, “is your business near me” in Google and other search engines. This is like asking the nearest person where to buy whatever they want. Google can index your Website based on location and with Schema.org markup when people ask is your business near me search engines can say yes, it is.

Getting found in these more localized searches can drive new traffic to your website, services or products.

Imagine this for a moment, you’re on a business trip and you need to find the local gas station, well if there are ten gas station in 2 miles and only 3 are using Schema.org markup those 3 will be shown on Google maps and other search index before the other 7.

What is Schema.org and How does the near-me inquiries work?

When you ask for a near by local service or business-like restaurants or gas stations, the GPS on your smart phone or device knows where you’re located, with your Website presence being define with Schema.org and other markup the near-me inquires can find the closest Business matching the search que.

Steps to take to make using Schema.org markup

Schema.org markup can seem intimidating when you first start using it, but the reasons to learn it out weight the reasons not to. With search engines moving to a strict standard and penalizing all these so called 3rd world website developers, it’s more important to let your code stand out from the crowd.