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Static HTML CSS and JavaScript Vs WordPress | What’s the right choice for your Business website?

So, you’re ready to launch your business online but not sure how to get started? Recently during an event I was attending, A potential customer asked, is their any advantages to using WordPess over traditional Html website, or maybe a developer is trying to convince you that a Html website design and development is the better option for your business.

You’ve landed at the right place, in this article I will discuss what’s the right option for your business a Html Website design or a WordPress Website, we will compare Wordpress to HTML and see what’s the best fit for your business.

What is Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you as a business to manage your website from a user-friendly interface.

Inside an administrator panel you can create pages, blog post along with design changes. This keeps things nice and simple for those not so technical and a great choice for absolute beginners.

In todays world there are many CMS solutions out there, with Wordpress taken the majority of the market share. For a good reason it’s simple and easy to use!

Please keep in mind to not confuse wordpress.org with wordpress.com, one is a complete CMS for your website the other is a hosting of WordPress Wordpress.org is the full fledge CMS, while Wordpress.com is blog hosting site.

Now having said that, lets look at the pros and cons of using WordPress the CMS.

Pros of Using Wordpress

Easy to Update: You just need to login to your WordPress CMS and you can manage about every aspect from inside the administrative panel. It’s easy to use and with a friendly interface you can add a page or blog post.

Templates and Themes: Since Wordpress is so popular there are thousand of Templates and Themes this can be both a Pro and a Con. A theme is only as good as the coders behind it.

(Consider where these companies are based, HIRE AMERICAN we have a higher standard when it comes to Website design, it’s more like engineering a Website for most US based Website Developers.)

Incredible Flexibility: You can extend the functionality of Wordpress with something called a plugin or addon these make WordPress a great option for the small business owner, but if your Website Developer is only doing WordPress website, he really is not a developer but just a decorator of themes.

Full control and Ownership: Full control over your website, domain name, and all your content. Changes can be made at will, no limit on how much your site can grow, it’s traffic, sales and users.

Cons of Using WordPress

The Learning Curve: It’s true WordPress is easy to use the fact of the matter is new users do have a learning curve to get over at first. But since it’s a popular CMS there is plenty of resources out there to get you started right away!

WordPress Maintenance: Since you are hosting the CMS you will be required to keep up with the maintenance of the website. You will need to update the Plugins or addons, backup the site, and keep the theme updated, or you can use a managed WordPress hosting who does all this for you.

What is a Static HTML Website?

HTML is just the language used by internet browsers to display your website. With CSS and JavaScript, the functionality of HTML is just if not more flexible then WordPress.

This is what sets apart a want to be website designer and a WordPress theme hacker apart. With a Website developer we design the site from the ground up, this allows us more control over the function of your website well giving us the flexibility to design the website for search engine optimization and content

CMS solutions store your content inside a database, this takes more time for the webserver to deliver your content to your consumers, with HTML you content is static this speeds up the loading time of your website.

Now with having said all that lets take a look at the pros and cons of using HTML for your website design.

Pros of a HTML Website

Little to No Maintenance: Once your static Website design is up and running, there is no needing to install updates to plugins or addons, or even needing to backup your site daily. IF you’re not changing the HTML then what is there to update?

Low Requirements: HTML Websites do not need PHP or MYSQL installed on them, this does not only create a faster website since you are staying within the strict standards of the language created for the creation of websites. Why use frameworks created outside these languages to hack function into what’s already there. When you understand the language, you don’t need these bulked-up frameworks and their problems.

Responsive Websites: Since most developers stay within the strict standards of HTML, CSS can be used to make your Website Design Responsive across all media and devices. This means no more fixes for each device, but rather a smooth scaling website with mobile indexing in mind.

Cons of using a HTML Website Design

No Updates: Yeah, I know this might sound like a good thing, but unless you are an advent HTML coder updating these sites can be confusing to the new user. How ever any Website Developer worth their weight in good will be there to help you at every step well educating you on how to make small changes and teaching you company the skills needed.

No Plugins or Addons: That’s right unlike WordPress and other CMS if you ant to add a feature as your company grows, you will need to create it from the ground up or hire a Website Developer to create it to meet your business needs, which can become costly, but well worth it in the end.

(Again, please consider hiring an American Website design firm, over other countries, you get what you pay for)

Cost: Since you most likely will need to hire a website developer to maintain and update content to your Static HTML site the cost will seem like a lot upfront. $3000 invested in the first year is not that much considering the R.O.I on Websites start to pay off from 6 months in.

What is the right solution for you WordPress or Static HTML?

Now that we went threw the pros and cons of WordPress Vs Static HTML we can start looking into which is the right choice for your business.

IF you’re are a local service company you may only want a website to showcase your local services and deals. Which may not be changing for long periods of time. Then paying the upfront cost to have a Static HTML website would b a great choice for you. The R.O.I to have a simple 5-7-page website created that showcase what your company does best is high over the course of its life cost.

IF you are a small pizza delivery business a WordPress website might be the right choice for you to get started in testing the market. It’s cheap and easy to set up with tons of premade themes and plugins to get the functions you need or want.

The choice is really up to you, and what you want to accomplish online, I urge you to at least contact us, so we can get an understanding what your business goals are, so we can come up with a streamline system to meet these goals, let us become that marketing department you always needed to hire, at a fraction of the cost!

How we can help you get started!

Since we are a local Pittsburgh, PA Website Design & Development company we can meet with your local business and get an understanding of what you wish to accomplish online first and foremost. This allows us to Streamline the process and create a Media Marketing Content Creation Calendar to assist us in the process.

We only have a limited number of monthly openings since we take our time to create your site right the first time around. Our code is lean and mean and of the highest quality. It passes all the strictest of standards which allows for the fastest loading time. This is important since Google and other search engines are moving toward a “MOBILE INDEX”.

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