How to tell if the freelancer did a good job on your website.

Read more on why you should care about using Gtmetrix to see the quality of work being performed when you hire a Freelancer from overseas

If you Hired from Upwork.com or Guru.com this may be how your site Metrix test looks. Go to GTMetrix Remember the people who give reviews on a project they paid for, do not understand what needs to get done to post a good review or they would be doing it instead of hiring a so called expert.

Just because someone built a site you wanted, does not mean it was high quality work and will rank!

This is the type of work you will find when hiring a company from India or even the states from Guru.com and you wonder why your site doesn’t rank well! Yes the site looks pretty, but if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, people run!

Use this tool to check for errors in the coding of your site, if they are coding errors into your site they really do no know what they are doing! You can use the websites below to check the companies I am calling out below to up their games when it comes to making websites

So many companies come to me wishing they never hired a freelancer, yet I am a freelancer so this hurts my business as well!(not saying the business below use these pratices, but I am pointing out thier crappy work)

Please note this site is always under construction and is hand coded in notepad++. And I only want to point out problems found in these sites that will make it very difficult to rank on search engines moving to mobile and speed rankings metrics in 2018.

As an Independent website design contractor who is being undercut by shady website design companies from India and around the world, who do not follow copyright laws and may acutely be harming your business.

I feel I must start show casing the wrongs of these business, starting from Automated phone spoofing calls to overpriced sites that will never rank to underprices sites that will never rank! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HIRE AMERICAN hire someone from PITTSBURGH,PA


By iQuinceSoft


By iQuinceSoft from Guru.com


By iQuinceSoft from Guru.com


By Trantorinc Website from Guru.com


By Trantorinc from Guru.com


By ZeroSoftTech from Guru.com


By ZeroSoftTech from Guru.com


By C Web Consultants of India from Guru.com

As you can see this domain is being redirected to a sales page for domainmarkets.com I assume they own that domain market, and once a company moves away from their hosting, they sell the sites (if they can or re use it later), this is a typical stagey used in India, They create a site that will never rank well do to the page speeds see the image.

Once the company fails or moves onto a better company, they do not even update their portfolio on guru.com

Just picking out some of these so called experts and their work that gotten great reviews I have yet to find a site that ranks for keywords!

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One thing the top sites have in common is the simple and easy use of a site, take Google, very clean and simple, now take a look at my site, Simple easy to use and load under 1 Second.


By cwebconsultants of India from Guru.com


By cwebconsultants of India from Guru.com

What a shame I was hoping that with them hand coding this site it would had been better. If you are a company looking for high quality work that will work with you to help you rank the site, then these people are not them.


By cwebconsultants of India from Guru.com

Now this is very interesting, it seems they do know what to do to help a site rank, but do not give their clients the same type of workmanship as they give their own site... Notice how they High Priory fixes are done to their own sites, but the recent showcase above, shows they clearly did not take the 20-30 mins fixing the server issues or coding issues on their clients what a crock of sh!t.

This is what makes American webmaster proud, it's in our workmanship


By 412 Media design from Guru.com and Freelancer.com

Look at my page scored and speed scores, take a look at my file size, that’s because my code is 100% to code.


By 412 Media design from Guru.com and Freelancer.com

Look at my errors in my code! just one!, thats stays and is ignored, so people using projection screens can view my site.

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