Content Marketing, what is it, and why does your company need it?


iconSimple, We understand what is going on right now and everyone will be catching up to use in the next 10 years. See everyone else is telling you to be the create content marketing ADVERTISING! well at 412 media design, we will tell you to become the next great program!

Our website design team & Streamline marketing teams work with your business, This allows us to control your marketing across all of your platform channels. This is huge, because now instead of just trying to be the commercials, everyone, watching between their programs, you become the content they are consuming!

We treat these social media platforms for what they are, they are becoming the new NBC, ABC, CBS when TV took over the radio. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram will be these networks in the networks few years.

Think of our sites as an investment to educate your consumer which leads to brand awareness in return becomes a future client. Shane brunson

Brand Documention

We help you decide what we can to assist you in, People naturally have the ability to draw in clients, well what we do is turn that natural sense of what makes you and your business special, then we treat it as content to be consumed as if it was programming on TV. At 4 pm we will show this type of content on NBC, but at 9 pm it's more of this type of content.

Understanding how people use these platforms and what type of content is being consumed on each social media site is crucial!

It's not just about having a website online in today's market, Anyone can customize one of the thousands of poorly coded themes, It's about whats under the hood of your website

Let us showcase your company for what it is. Let us get you in front of the consumers who are too eager to drop TV and use online medium for their consumption.


We understand visuals are needed to sell products, we also understand that an engaging article that is design to educate the reader, the graphic side of things is almost ignored by the reader because they are engaged in your content.

We create content based on the years of knowledge of you and your employee's from do it yourself repair guides to Car feature video reviews we create the content that your consumers want or need with your employees's to market your brand across all media channels


The real power to any type of marketing regardless if its online marketing, search engine marketing, print marketing, radio marketing etc... Is the marketing department behind it. At 412 media design we have streamline our marketing process arocss our marketing channels and are able to create engaging content for you consumers

Let us be that extra department you never thought your company needed, to help you reach your business goals and mission, We help you take it to the next level

A New Hope

I have been designing websites since 1993 with it comes a certain understanding of the force.

  1. I code your site and build it for speed, and indexing first.
  2. I create engage content from knowledge from inside your company, Only does your employee's and yourself understand your business goals.
  3. I Get your content out there infront of the people searching for it across all media channels.
  4. Streamline marketing to keep your consumers engaged and becoming brand aware with constant creation of new content helps you stratically place your business infront of your consumers.

The Battle for Google

As always we want to be promoting your companies business and goals, so us working closely with your employees and yourself to understand what your company wants to accomplish across your media channels is first and foremost. Let us be that driving force!

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