iconToday your business has many different options when it comes to selling your inventory online. We at 412 media designs understand which platform will benifit your business the most.

From Amazon to Woocommerce and everything in between, Our Website Design and Marketing teams can create the funnels that help drive online sales.

We work with your brand to create the right E-Commerce solutions for your company. Our E-Commerce Website design teams work with our streamline marketing teams to create engaging ads and get your customers to write honest reviews.

Think of our sites as an investment to educate your consumer which leads to brand awareness in return becomes a future client. Shane brunson


Our graphic designer teams can create a site on any platform well working with our copywriters to create compelling ads and listings

Streamline Marketing allows us to market your brand across multiple platforms well staying creating content to match the needs of the consumers on each platform.

It's not just about having a website online in todays market, Anyone can customize one of the thousands of poorly coded themes, Its about whats under the hood of your website. Shane Brunson

Our code is lean & mean, it's not always about what your site looks like but whats under the hood. We create sites for speed, mobile indexing foremost.


We understand We write the copy for your listing after spending days of researching you products competitors on each platform, Only once we are armed with this information can we start creating a strategy that allows u to get your brand infront of the consumers who need it most.

We can create engaging ads and listing that drive traffic on these major platforms like Amazon, this allows us to get your product into the top 100, which in return drives even more sells. We can even off set the cost from amazon by driving sells of products you do not sell but get a commission for selling! ask about our niche sites.


Again this is the real power to our company, streamlining our marketing expertise with you business or brand to create one marketing strategy that can be tracked across all channels.

Let us be that extra department you never thought your company needed, to help you reach your business goals and mission, We help you take it to the next level.

A New Hope

I have been designing websites since 1993 with it comes a certain understanding of the force.

  1. I code your site and build it for speed, and indexing first.
  2. I create engage content from knowledge from inside your company, Only does your employee's and yourself understand your business goals.
  3. I Get your content out there infront of the people searching for it across all media channels.
  4. Streamline marketing to keep your consumers engaged and becoming brand aware with constant creation of new content helps you strategically place your business in front of your consumers.

The Battle for Google

As always we want to be promoting your companies business and goals, so us working closely with your employees and yourself to understand what your company wants to accomplish across your media channels is first and foremost. Let us be that driving force!

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