iconWebsite Maintance is more then just updating your website, it also includes making sure the server your website is running on is running at top speed and without any errors or things like a virus.

We at 412 media design understand that a website is only as fast as the hosting computer so we utalize all the newest technologies like Google and Amazon cloud services.

With our Website Maintance we do not just do Website Design, our same coders understand Linux software so we can setup and manage your hosting computers ensuring they are secure and running just right for your website soluctions.

No more needing to hire an outside IT team, we are that team as well! Like I said we have streamline the process to make it simple and easy for us to do, well offering you a full range of services to meet your business needs.

Think of our sites as an investment to educate your consumer which leads to brand awareness in return becomes a future cleint. Shane brunson


Since we Utalize the cloud enviroments we can do live maintance on your websites with out effecting it. This is greate bcause for the most part we never need to bring the servers down to upgrade your site.

The true power to a website is the website development and marketing teams behind it, let us be that extra department your business needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring on full time experts!

It's not just about having a website online in todays market, Anyone can customize one of the thousands of poorly coded themes, It's about whats under the hood of your website


IF a company is telling you that they can not do all that or no company can, they are wrong. Coding is coding and if you know how to code you can code cross platform. They use that as an excuse to cover up the fact they are not true coders they only can take other peoples work, like theme and edit it so it meet your requirements!

Stop wasting marketing capital on lazy coders or false experts, start hiring people who understand the technolgies and are coding your site themselves instead of relying on other people who may or may not be a good programmer.


The real power to any type of marketing regardless if its online marketing, search engine marketing, print marketing, radio marketing etc... Is the marketing department behind it. At 412 media design we have streamline our marketing process arocss our marketing channels and are able to create engaging content for you consumers

Let us be that extra department you never thought your company needed, to help you reach your business goals and mission, We help you take it to the next level

A New Hope

I have been designing websites since 1993 with it comes a certain understanding of the force.

  1. I code your site and build it for speed, and indexing first.
  2. I create engage content from knowledge from inside your company, Only does your employee's and yourself understand your business goals.
  3. I Get your content out there infront of the people searching for it across all media channels.
  4. Streamline marketing to keep your consumers engaged and becoming brand aware with constant creation of new content helps you stratically place your business infront of your consumers.

The Battle for Google

As always we want to be promoting your companies business and goals, so us working closely with your employees and yourself to understand what your company wants to accomplish across your media channels is first and foremost. Let us be that driving force!

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