In todays market you can find cheap website design & development companies online and offline, but just because they can edit a theme doesn't help you. We at 412 Media Design build your site from the ground up. We create a solid foundation with your content and consumer in mind so we can streamline your marketing.

Our Website Design team works with your and our Media Marketing teams so we can stratically place your brand infront of your consumer across all media channels.

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Goolgle & the other search engines are moving towards a "MOBILE INDEX", what does this mean to you? Well it means if wordpress website is coding wrong is has a slow load time, then it's not even going to rank any more! Since we code your site we can code it in such a way it doesnt just load fast but it look great across all devices!

Since our designs are RESPONSIVE they scale to any side of screen nice and smooth and snap right into place We can not stress enough what this means in 2018 and beyong as search engines move to a MOBILE INDEX.

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What is your strategy?

Becoming known as the authority in your niche is very much like it was getting your store started up, Traffic doesnt just walk in the door from day one. So we take the time to understand what your company goals and missions are so we can stratically place your brand where it needs to be.

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Since we create your site we also maintain it, A contious flow of content from your company helps you become an authority in your field of business.

Over the years we have developed ways to get th most useful information from you and you team that your cleints are always searching for, by getting you out in front of them, we are able to strategically place your brand where it needs to be.

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